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ShaderX6 - Advanced Rendering Techniques

About the Section Editors (in alphabetical order)

Wessam Bahnassi
Wessam has been working in computer graphics and game development for over 8 years now, concentrating on 3D engine and pipeline tools development. At In|Framez, he lead the development team for several games and real-time demos. He has many contributions and publications in graphics and programming in general, and has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for DirectX technologies for 5 years and until now. Currently, he works at Electronics Arts Montreal, doing console and PC graphics and game programming for some of EA's great titles.

Carsten Dachsbacher
Carsten Dachsbacher received his MSc (Diplom) degree in computer science and his PhD degree in computer graphics, both from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He was post-doctoral fellow at REVES/INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France, within a Marie-Curie Fellowship. Since October 2007 he is assistant professor at VISUS (Institute for Visualization), University of Stuttgart, Germany. His research focuses on real-time, hardware-assisted computer graphics, interactive global illumination, perceptual rendering and procedural models.

Willem de Boer
Willem is a computer graphics consultant and director at Botticelli Consulting Limited, and was previously a member of staff at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England, where he worked on projects in computer vision and machine learning. Before that, Willem worked in the games industry as a programmer specialising in real-time graphics and audio. His homepage can be found at .

Wolfgang Engel
Wolfgang Engel is a senior graphics programmer in the core technology group of Rockstar. He is the editor of the ShaderX series and the author of Programming Vertex and Pixel Shaders. He is speaking at conferences world-wide and teaches at several Universities.
Wolfgang is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional DirectX since July 2006.

Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth has been obsessed by 3D graphics since seeing Elite on his ZX Spectrum. Since then he has always tried to make hardware beg for mercy. Tom has written triangle-drawing routines on the Spectrum, Sinclair QL, Atari ST , Sega 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC, GamePark32 and XBox, and he's getting quite good at them now. Tom's coding past includes writing curved-surface stuff for Sega and graphics drivers for 3Dlabs. Currently he works in Guildford at Muckyfoot Productions, where past projects are Urban Chaos, StarTopia and Blade II.

Kenneth Hurley
Kenneth has worked for notable game and technology companies such as Electronic Arts and Intel, and most recently was a senior engineer at NVIDIA Corporation. While there, he participated in the XBOX hardware and numerous video games including Tiger Woods Golf. Kenneth has been a consultant for several Silicon Valley companies and worked with the United States government on the latest military equipment, including the highly acclaimed Land Warrior. Kenneth's passion and experience for the gaming industry is what brings him to the helm of Signature Devices. With over 20 years of experience, this is Kenneth's second start-up as an independent developer, giving him perspective and a strong understanding of the demands of running an up and coming development company. He has contributed to best selling computer books on 3-D graphics and he is a requested speaker at conventions and workshops around the country. Kenneth received his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Maryland.

Sebastien St-Laurent
Sebastien St-Laurent holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Sherbrooke University in Quebec (Canada) where he graduated at top of his class in 1999. Since then, he worked on many video game titles including: Space Invaders, Dave Mira Freestyle BMX, Dave Mira Freestyle BMX2, Aggressive Inline, BMX XXX. Sebastien is now currently employed with the Microsoft Corporation where he is a graphics developer for the Microsoft Game Studios.  Sebastien St-Laurent is also a published author who has written "Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists" and "The COMPLETE Effect and HLSL Guide".

Natalya Tatarchuk
Natalya Tatarchuk is a senior member of technical staff and a technical lead in the Game Computing Application Group under the Emerging Technologies and Applications group at AMD Graphics Products division. There she pushes GPU boundaries investigating innovative graphics techniques and creating striking interactive renderings. In the past she led the creation of the state-of-the-art realistic rendering of city environments in ATI demo “ToyShop” and has been the lead for the tools group at ATI Research. Natalya has been in the graphics industry for years, having previously worked on haptic 3D modeling software, scientific visualization libraries, among others. She has published multiple papers in various computer graphics conference and articles in technical book series such as ShaderX and Game Programming Gems, and has presented talks at Siggraph and at Game Developers Conferences worldwide, amongst others. Natalya holds BAs in Computers Science and Mathematics from Boston University.

Matthias Wloka
Matthias Wloka is a Senior Graphics Engineer in the Technology Group at Visual Concepts, where he contributes to the 2K Sports series of games.  His primary responsibility is to enhance a game's look via advanced shading techniques, such as the unique players’ sweat technology as featured in the national TV commercial “Sweat” for NBA 2K6.  Prior to Visual Concepts, Matthias was a member of NVIDIA’s Technical Developer Relations team, a Chief Technologist at GameFX/THQ, Inc., and a Computer Scientist at Fraunhofer CRCG.  He received a M.Sc in computer science from Brown University, and a B.Sc from Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany.  Matthias has contributed to multiple conferences such as GDC, Microsoft’s Meltdown events, and Eurographics, and is the author of multiple articles about real-time 3D graphics.

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